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Cooking classes are run as part of the morning session in most weeks and sometimes even involve children in making the morning snack! Cooking provides children with a fun way to learn and contributes to their learning in all areas of development.


Cooking helps with sensory learning, exploring the different textures of foods, their smells, colours and the sounds they make while cooking. Using utensils helps physical development and preparing a dish as a group helps communication and language. Counting quantities and weighing are a way of introducing mathematical concepts. Recipe books and stories with a cooking theme promote literacy. Most importantly, cooking can support personal, social and emotional development, with links to health and hygiene, working as a team and taking turns.


In the past we have cooked cheese scones, spinach pasta, pancakes, jam tarts, fruit kebabs with honey yoghurt, pumpkin soup, fruit smoothies and much, much more. By the time your children leave Kingfisher Pre-school, we hope that they have learned how to enjoy healthy snacks, have basic knowledge of preparing and cooking simple recipes and have a sense of achievement in the dishes they have produced.

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