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Working with Parents

We understand that starting Pre-school is an important transition time for you and your child. We are always flexible and supportive in making this transition as smooth as possible. Each child is different in how they adapt to pre-school so we support them accordingly, to make sure they feel happy, safe and secure and that you feel happy too. We fully recognise all the wonderful learning your child has done with you already and we take the responsibility of building on this at pre-school very seriously.


The early years in a child’s life are crucial in developing their personalities, confidence and approach to learning. Children learn best when parents and practitioners work together and share information. We look forward to working in partnership with you, letting you know how your child is getting on and what they have been doing. We are always happy to make time to chat to you about your child’s progress, so please don’t hesitate in asking us any questions, big or small.


Each child has a ‘Learning Journey‘ where we record our observations and photos to celebrate your child’s achievements throughout their time at Kingfisher’s. We would love to include your input in this so please tell us about your child’s interests, special moments and learning at home.

We also have a ‘Key Person’ system, where you child will have a particular member of staff who supports their development and well-being. They will get to know your child’s likes, dislikes, interests and ways of learning. Each week they will do a key person plan to plan for your child’s next steps. 


Our end of term family day has become a big success. We invite you to come along and enjoy a range of activities with your child and feel free to bring along Grans, Granddads, Aunties, and Uncles etc. There is always a lovely atmosphere on these days, celebrating the term and getting to know each other in an informal friendly way.

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