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Letters and Sounds


At Kingfisher’s we are constantly striving to give your child the very best start to a happy and successful journey of lifelong learning. Letters and sounds is a really effective scheme advocated nationwide due to its positive impact on children’s learning. It is believed that by involving children in a wide range of speaking and listening activities from an early age, firm foundations are built for their future learning including reading and writing skills.


The activities are really fun and interactive. They mostly take place in small groups. They really help develop children’s attention and concentration and encourage their ability to tune into sounds around them. As the children are ready in their development, we introduce games based around rhyming words and letter sounds.

It is a scheme followed in the majority of primary schools, so following it in their time at pre-school makes their learning far more effective when they start school.


We have enjoyed using letters and sounds activities for over 3 years now, with really positive results. The children love them and we have seen a real impact on their learning. If you would like to know more about the scheme and the activities please feel free to ask. We would also welcome you to come in and see the activities for yourself. Please just let a member of staff know when you would like to come in.

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