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Kingfisher Pre-school Committee


A huge thanks to our Pre-School Committee members, who work hard to keep Kingfisher Pre-School affordable to all.


The Kingfisher Pre-school Committee, made up of mostly parents, ensure the smooth running of Kingfisher Pre-School, supporting us with administrative, organisational, legal and financial matters.  Without a committee, Kingfisher Pre-School would be forced to close.


If you’d like to join the committee and have any queries, please ask any member of the Kingfisher staff, who will put you in touch with the committee.


Who is who...


Please feel free to contact the committee via, and your query will be forwarded to the relevant committee member.


Natalie Perry - Chair 

Nadja Halliday - Treasurer

Carrie Fourniss - Secretary 

Lottie Mattholie 

Claire Davey

Anna Whitton


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