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Parent Involvement



Kingfisher Pre-School is a parent and volunteer run setting, like most Pre-schools in the area.  As parents, grand-parents, and carers, we can pool together and help Kingfisher Pre-School in many ways.  


Parents all take part in our Laundry Rota which is sent out by email at the beginning of each term and displayed on the Notice Board.  There are usually only a small number of teatowels and dishcloths to wash and if we all take a turn it means that we only have to take the laundry home a couple of times each year.


Garden Parties!

Harvesting .jpg

We have an amazing outdoor space, that often needs a tidy, especially in the spring and summer months when everything starts bursting into life. It's a bit like trying to hold back the tide, so we need help to keep it under control so that the children can make full use of the outdoor space. We kindly ask for a few hours of your time over the academic year to volunteer to help us. That might mean lending a hand on a couple of Saturday mornings throughout the year. Only one parent needs to attend, but feel free to bring your partner, a relative, or a friend, and your child(ren) can come along to help too!


We aim to do 2/3 hour sessions at a time, but don't worry, there is always time for a break, a chat and a well earned cuppa. These sessions have always proved to be a great way to get to know other parents better and having fun. Volutneering is extremely rewarding and reinforces community spirit within the pre-school and enriches the children's sense of belonging.


How else can you help....


It doesn’t have to be a regular thing, as we all have busy lives, and some of us have precious little spare time but any help that you can give means that the Pre-school saves money and this has a direct impact on fees.


The idea is to help Kingfishers when it suits you, and to have fun in the process! Supporters of Kingfishers is a pool of helpers who all make a difference to Kingfisher Pre-School by volunteering in a variety of activities, such as:


  • Baking cakes for our coffee mornings

  • Selling the cakes during the coffee mornings

  • Keeping the garden in beautiful shape

  • Fixing broken equipment

  • Washing linen (the preschool’s towels, tea-towels, and children’s clothes) as part of a rota

  • Sharing fun(d)raising ideas and help organise fun(d)raising events.


We would love more parents, carers and grandparents to join in our voluntary work, so we’re starting a mailing list to keep everyone updated of how and when they can help. To join Supporters of Kingfishers, please leave your contact details on the Supporters of Kingfishers contacts list in the hall, or email



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